Tula, our certified organic farm, is also located in the Gibo woreda, in Kaffa, Ethiopia (which is undeniably the famous birthplace of Arabica coffee). The farm area is 100 hectares in size is named after its neighboring Tula village. The farm operates in a manner that is directed towards preserving nature and supporting the local community with the FairChain business model, produces premium Washed and Natural organic certified coffees, with a wonderful flavor profile and full traceability down to the block, subplot and every year our harvest and the traceability get better

Dosha Block (Home of Mother Tree)

Dosha block is a 46.38-hectare subplot with 119,857 trees located in the Tula farm and its elevation area ranges from 1810-1835 MASL. Tree planting years were 2002 and 2003 and stumped years are 2016, 2017 and 2023. Varieties are 74-112, 74-110 and 75-227.

Block/Sub Farm Location: Tula
Total Area (Ha): 46.38
Total no of Trees: 119,857
Planted Year: 2002,2003
Stumped year: 2016, 2017 and 2023
Altitude (MASL): 1810-1835
Coffee Variety: 74-112, 74-110 and 75-227
Cup Profile: Floral, Tangy Acid, Caramel, Tart, Bergamot, Sweet

Kobech Block

Kobech block is a 35.04-hectare plot with 107,037 trees located in the Tula farm and its elevation area ranges from 1790-1812 MASL. Kobech block shaded by beautiful tall trees and is home to colobus monkeys, warthogs other faunas. Its trees were planted in 2004, 2017 and 2020 and have 74-110 and 74-112 varieties.

Block/Sub Farm Location: Tula
Total Area (Ha): 35.04
Total no of Trees: 107,037
Planted Year: 2004, 2017 and 2020
Altitude (MASL): 1790-1812
Variety: 74-110 and 74-112
Cup Profile: Floral, black current like, delicate, creamy, caranel, and sweet