The Tega and Tula
Special Coffee Farm ECO-Lodge

Tega and Tula Special Coffee Farm ECO-Lodge is among the many standing testaments that our investment and dedication to the farms and community is long-term. Hiding in a middle of a mountain surrounded by the most beautiful natural forest, our ECO-Lodge is made without harming any of the flora and fauna. Imagine waking up to a mesmerizing sunrise accompanied by an enchanting chirping of indigenous birds, a truly Ethiopian hospitality and the fresh scent of our forest blended with the smell of the highest-grade coffee in the world. That is just the hour of your morning at the Tega and Tula Special Coffee Farm ECO-Lodge. It truly is an experience of heaven on earth.

It would be our pleasure to host and share this wondeful experience with you. Reserve your stay at The Tega and Tula Eco-lodge for the upcoming harvest season.

We desire to create an environment where coffee importers, experts, aficionados and nature lovers know and understand, through first-hand experience, the beauty, passion and labor of love that goes through the producing of the highest quality coffee while also experiencing our communities second to none hospitality and scenic landscape. In the future, we shall develop our lodge further and become a significant part of the promotion of coffee tourism of Ethiopia.

360 View - Bedroom

360 View - Living Area