Gesha FARM

Gesha is a 250-hectare Farm, found in a tropical rainforest, is located in Gesha Woreda Kafa Zone in the southwest region of Ethiopia. With an altitude of 1800-1950 meters above sea level, this area has an annual average temperature of 13-25 degree centigrade and is known for having consistent rainfall throughout the entire year with an annual rainfall of 1700mm.  Our Gesha coffee trees are shaded and surrounded by tall indigenous trees and surrounding our farms are smallholder farmers / out-growers.  As Gesha has an ideal eco-friendly climate for honey production, our Gesha farm currently has 150 modern bee hives with a distinctly organic flavor.

Altitude: 1800-1950 meters above sea level

Soil Type: Deep fertile forest soil, reddish brown with high humus content

Cup profile: Floral and fruitlike flavor, with just the right level of acidity. Its complexity of flavors spans from fruity mango, peach & raspberry, to final hints of bergamot and jasmine. There is a natural sweetness you won’t find in any other coffee variety