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the origin of tega & tula

After working in the corporate world of the United States, Ahadu Woubshet moved back to his birth country Ethiopia to be part of the transformation that the country was aspiring for and was one of the founding managment and chief operating officer of the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX), where he worked on quality standards, capacity building, alignment on the international market, true price discovery and even established the first coffee contract to be traded within the ECX. Working at the ECX gave Ahadu opportunities to travel to various coffee-growing regions and farms in Ethiopia and gain first-hand insight into the lives of the farmers and how coffee is grown, traded and how quality is assured. This experience made Ahadu fall in love with coffee and create an impact in the land that gave the world Arabica Coffee. After completing his national mission of the ECX establishment, Ahadu decided to invest more of himself towards developing Ethiopian coffee to its rightful place in the world by applying best practices including investing in the community, developing sustainable farming practices and doing coffee farming right. It was with this decision that the farmer in him took full form.

Ahadu and his equally dedicated partners from the Netherlands saw the opportunity to transform Ethiopian coffee right from its origin in Kaffa; the place history taught was where coffee was discovered as they fell in love with the landscape of Tega and Tula; one of the first commercial farms in Ethiopia known for producing quality coffee that is very well known by its buyers. The farm had immense potential; the fact that it is surrounded by a UNESCO-protected natural forest made the shareholders love it even more. Hence, the organic farm of Tega and Tula was established to excel in the growing, processing and exporting of the finest specialty coffee, through the FairChain business model. The farm today has expanded to Gesha and Anderacha.

Tega and Tula Speciality Coffee Estate, supported by our operational excellence, has gained multiple international certifications and recognitions. Our capacity has grown to 3.5 million coffee trees spread over 3 protected farms that sits on over 1040 hectares, with, 16 nursery sites and 5 washing stations. These numbers grow by the day but the proudest achievement of Tega and Tula Specialty Coffee Estate are the farmers and their communities that benefit from our FairChain business model. The tale shall continue committed to making Ethiopia the leading supplier of the finest Arabica coffee that guarantees sustainable betterment of farmer livelihood and climate resilience.

We would not be here if it weren’t for our sacred cherry, our hallowed land that we live to protect, our community that we desire to develop and our proud, supportive and honorable business partners that always desire to see our coffee protected and promoted while our community develops as much as we do.



Tega & Tula

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